UHMW PE Film TapesUHMW PE Film Tapes

UHMW PE is a high density thermoplastic polymer. Polyethylene (PE) is classified in a number of differing categories based mostly on its branching and density.

UHMW PE film has a molecular weight of somewhere between 3.1 and 5.6 million. The extremely high molecular weight makes this material very tough and durable. UHMW is well known for its resistance to wear and also benefits from it low co efficient of friction values which are similar to Teflon.

The films themselves are made in a similar way to skived PTFE tapes in that they are skived directly off a billet to make a thin film. We offer two thicknesses from stock being 0.13mm & 0.25mm thick although more are available if required.

We offer two types of adhesives from stock. Acrylic has a maximum operates temperature of +177 degrees Celsius with our rubber version being a maximum of +52.

UHMW tapes work well in applications where high temperatures are not a consideration but a high resistance to wear is. The lining of chutes and slide ways prove popular applications for UHMW ape. PTFE glass cloth tapes could also be used but would have a much shorter life than UHMW in comparable applications.

The film itself is a natural off white colour. The tape has blue release liner to protect adhesive when being stored and should only be removed at the time of use. Our master batch rolls are 610mm wide x 33mtr long and we can offer slit roll width ranging from 10mm – 610mm wide.