Polyester MeshPolyester Mesh

Polyester woven mesh fabrics come is a wide variety of filament styles and diameters. Made from mono filament yarns they are most commonly seen in colours white or blue. The full width fabrics are made by weaving the yarns together and can range from very fine constructions that are similar to fly screens, to much more heavy duty types used in filtration applications.

Polyester belts and material can be offered in fairly simple 90 degree standard weave patterns to more complex twill weave styles. and fabric selection depends on the type of application and environment it will be used. In dry conditions the operating temperature range of polyester is from -75˚C up to +120˚C. In wet conditions it is recommended that temperature +70˚C should not be exceeded.

Polyester mesh can suffer from hydrolysis in humid, hot conditions and especially when subject to steam. This diverse plastic offers excellent resistance to most chemicals and acids as well as organic solvents therefore is easily cleaned and resilient in a number of arduous environments. One of the other benefits to this material is that it meets European and American food approval standards.

Techbelt has the knowhow and fabrication skills to be able to manufacture a wide range of conveyor belt styles from these materials. We can offer a number of mechanical fastening systems and edge reinforcement to suit individual applications.

Further information about this mesh can be found in our applications section under screen printing belts.