PTFE Coated Glass ClothPTFE Coated Glass Cloth

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) can be coated on to varying styles and grades of fibre glass cloths. The woven fibreglass cloths used are mainly broken in two types. These are referred to as closed and open weave. Closed weave versions have tightly knit yarns which have a smooth fabric look and feel to them.

The thickness of the spun yarns used can vary from very fine to more substantial versions which will essentially determine if the PTFE coated glass substrate will be a smooth coated product or more textured.

The glass cloth substrates are manufactured in different strengths too. The more tightly wound the yarns are the stronger it will be. For example, a stronger version would be chosen if the finished product were being used as a conveyor belt as the additional tensile strengths offered would be required. Heavier substrates also have a textured surface, which is still very smooth because for the PTFE, and can be used in conveyor belt application where a non stick, heat resistant, surface if required as well as leaving an impression on the product it’s in contact with from its coated surface.

If tensile strength is not a requirement, yarns that are not as tightly wound can used instead. These styles are also more cost effective and allow very smooth PTFE surfaces to be achieved which lend them well for use as PTFE coated glass cloth tapes. When PTFE glass cloths are used as tapes then adhesives can be applied to one surface. This is done by preparing one of the PTFE surfaces by chemically etching. Once the surface has been etched then adhesives can be applied.