Silicone Coated Glass ClothSilicone Coated Glass Cloth

Our silicone coated glass cloth materials are available in white and red. Both colour options contain the same properties so colour choice is down to preference. There are many types of silicone compounds used to coat conveyor belts. They can range from high tack to dry textured types. The silicones on our materials have a dry surface which provides excellent release properties in a number of applications.

One of the key benefits to silicone is that is has good thermal retention properties so can be a good option instead of PTFE fabrics. Silicone has good thermal stability properties over a temperature range of -100 to +250 degree Celsius. Low thermal reactivity and toxicity are two other useful properties of silicone which are beneficial in certain applications.

We have four main thickness available ranging from 0.23mm to 1mm thick and all are made at 1000mm wide and are available from stock. We can supply as cut sheets or made in to endless conveyor belts which can be bonded in house or offered with an RTV (room temperature vulcanising) complete with joining instruction for fitting on the machine.

The resistance to ozone, oxygen, and ultra violet light mean our product is very versatile and can be use in curing ovens which may us UV as a curing source.