Model TBW-1200
Max Temperature 380°C
Max Weld Length 1100mm
Power 4.6kw

Tortilla Teflon Belt Welder

From working closely with our customers we have the ability to develop PTFE belt welders that can suit specific tortilla production lines or any other machine if required. The image attached is a specific design that we manufactured for one of our customers that is tailor made to fit their machine.

The machine benefits from a pneumatically controller clamping arm that prevents the top and bottom beams from coming apart when in operation. The arm also has the added safety in that the machine cannot be operated unless the arm in in the correct down position.

The control panel itself has two push buttons on each side of the box that need to be pressed simultaneously in order to allow the cycle to start.

The frame itself has adjustable height by means of a bottle jack – This can also be offered in a pneumatic format if preferred.

This unit also benefits from our specific platen design which allows for thermal expansion seen in the aluminium platens when heating up to operational temperature.

On this machine we used a thinner than normal box section design which made it light and easy to wheel in to position. The unit, given its size, can be wheeled and easily moved by one person.

This equipment and all machines we manufacture have protected Intellectual Property rights and Copyrights owned by Techbelt Ltd. and cannot be copied in anyway. By purchasing this equipment you agree not to make any copies or supply information to any third parties that will allow them to make such copies.