PTFE Film Laminate Glass ClothPTFE Film Laminate Glass Cloth

Conventional PTFE coated fabrics are built up of multiple coating/layers of PTFE. This is done by running the substrate through a dip bath of PTFE dispersion then drying and sintering the PTFE to form a smooth layer.

The result of this multi layer process is a micro porous PTFE coating which can be easily permeated by fats and water when exposed on a continues basis. This problem is particularly seen when used as contact grilling belts where high levels of animal fat are present on the belt surface for long periods.

In order to overcome the problems seen with micro porous surfaces, a thin layer of film can be applied to the top surface to create a sealed surface that can prevent the premature ingression of the surface. This thin layer of film can increase the life of a belt compared to standard PTFE coated glass cloth by a factor of 4/1.

There are two main types of PTFE coated laminate material. The first uses a cast film as the barrier and the other uses an extruded film. The extruded film type, once applied to a coated fabric, then has a further process of PTFE applied directly on top of the film surface. This additional coating can extend the life of the material. Techbelt can offer these products in food grade blue which is a popular choice with food manufacturers as blue is the only colour not naturally found in foodstuff. These materials are currently available from Techbelt up 950mm wide in a number of grades and thicknesses.