PTFE Zone TapesPTFE Zone Tapes

One of the first pieces of equipment our engineers designed and build was our zone tape machine. We have the flexibility to manufacture zone tapes at widths up to 190mm wide x 60mtrs long, although 30mtr lengths are standard for us.

There are two types of tape know as zone tapes and barrier tapes. Zone tapes tend to have two strips of double sided tape, normally about 10mm in width, running down the full length of the roll sat flush to the inside edge. Barrier tapes are usually made by overlapping 19mm wide, single sided glass weave tapes, by 5mm on the PTFE coated glass cloth. The remaining 15mm of tape is then stuck to a release liner to prevent the roll from sticking to its self when wound.

Zone tapes, more often than not, are chemically etched on one surface. This is the surface that the double sided tapes are adhered to and prevents the tapes from coming away when in situe. Techbelt offers two types of adhesive types which are both acrylic based. Our standard type has an operating temperature of 150 degrees Celsius while our higher tack version has an operating temperature of 180 degrees Celsius.

We supply our zone tapes to both end users and OEMS and offer short lead times on bespoke orders. We have no minimum order for our specialist tapes.