PTFE Coated Open MeshPTFE Coated Open Mesh

There are many variations of PTFE coated open mesh materials. There are three main common substrates used which are fiberglass, Aramid (Kevlar) and Nomex. Fiberglass is the most common with Nomex being a rare choice.

The mesh size or aperture can vary in size ranging from 1mm to 8mm square with the most common size being 4mm square. The weave style can vary too. The most common weave style tends to be tightly wound weft threads and lino weave warp threads. Some grades have two weft threads next to one another and are referred as double weft versions which can offer a higher level of dimensional stability over standard versions.

PTFE mesh fabrics tend to be used to allow airflow to pass through and circulate with ease allowing effective removal of moisture to take place within a wide range of drying oven units.

PTFE coated Kevlar mesh maybe specified where high levels of moisture may be present or environments where steam is introduced directly on to the belts surface. Glass mesh in these environments would simply breakdown quickly where as Kevlar is resilient to this.

PTFE coated mesh fabrics can be coated as wide as 5000mm which is much wider than standard closed weaved PTFE fabrics. Wider materials options give oven manufacturers the flexibility to design much wider dryers providing higher throughput and production volumes for the end user.

More information about these materials and their uses can be found in our applications sections under screen printing belts and textile fabric drying belts.