PTFE Film BeltsPTFE Film Belts

• Includes a superior PTFE laminate technology not seen before
• Will not blister or delaminate
• Unique textured surface grabs food while maintaining excellent release and cleaning properties
• Dimensionally stable for a flat and uniform cooking surface
• Superior wear and tear resistance
• Customisable with colours, thickness, and texture
• Available up to 1525mm wide
• Greater temperature resistance of 316 degrees Celsius for greater productivity
• Food approved in all colours
• Tear & crease resistant

Tech-Pro 400 is the first significant advancement in cooking belts over the last 40 years. This laminated PTFE/fiberglass food conveyor belt that is designed to survive severe oil and liquid exposure in stamping and conveying processes and is ideally suited to the production of tortilla and flat breads. With adhesion properties significantly better than typical PTFE coated fiberglass materials, it will not delaminate or blister. The slick but textured surface of this material allows for a unique combinations of excellent release, easy cleaning, and minimal food slippage.

The diversity of this material means it can be used for an even wider range of applications other than dough press belts. Rubber extrusion lines that typically run at high temperatures of around 300°C, which is above the recommended 260°C for normal PTFE coated glass fibre belts, can benefit for Tech-Pro belting with superior wear resistance and extended life. For application where steam and hot water is present Tech-Pro 400 is ideal. Normally where hot steam causes problems PTFE coated kevlar have to be specified, however due to Tech-Pro being resistant to steam and having it’s almost impenetrable surface means this belt can offer significant belt life over conventional belts.

The benefit of this superior surface also means as well as steam not penetrating it, even after continued use, fat and grease is also not able to be absorbed giving ultimate performance of PTFE coated laminate belts.